Rare Earth Bullion's holmium 1 kg bar - offered by RWMM - angled pic

Holmium (Ho) bullion 1 kilogram bar

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Holmium 1 kilogram bar - Rare Earth Bullion - .999 bullion


Discovered by the Swedish chemist Per Theodor Cleve and named after his hometown of Stockholm, holmium has the highest magnetic moment and magnetic permeability of any element, and thus can be used to manufacture the strongest  magnetic fields. It also has high absorption capacity for thermal neutrons and is used as a burnable quenching agent in nuclear reactors. It is fairly stable in dry air at room temperature but will oxidize in moist air and at high temperatures, and will corrode when in contact with water. Holmium oxide has dramatic color spectra in different lighting conditions, from yellow to fiery orange-red. Its trivalent oxide has unique emission light lines that are useful in certain laser applications and as a colorant in cubic zirconia and glass. Worldwide annual production is about 10 tonnes (compared with about 3300 tonnes of gold).

We recently acquired the remaining inventory of Rare Earth Bullion Ltd, a now defunct company from London, England that developed a pioneering product line but unfortunately was wrongly cast in a bad light by the local media when they first opened their shop in 2011, coincidentally the year before we started laying the groundwork for Rare World Metals Mint. Inscribed on these bars are the company of issuance (Rare Earth Bullion), elemental metal type (Holmium), purity (Fine .999), weight (1 Kilo). These bars are lightly polished, similar to the one pictured. There can be small edge dings, light surface scratches and other small imperfections which do not detract from the inherent value of this rare earth metal. They will oxidize, especially in humid and hot air. They will corrode when in contact with water. They are best stored in a cool, dry place. A coating of paraffin oil will help to minimize oxidation. Please keep these bars intact and in a safe place, do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

Each of these bars will be shipped with an assay certificate in the original duck egg blue logo box of Rare Earth Bullion. If you are not completely satisfied with any purchase from us, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund (buyer to pay return shipping). Domestic shipping is free for all orders over $199 (enter code free shipping at checkout). For orders of $199 or under, domestic shipping is $9.95. International shipping is via DHL, FedEx, or USPS international express and costs $65 for this bar and $10 for each additional pound of products ordered simultaneously. International customers please be aware that your country may levy import duties and/or VAT taxes on your purchase from us. We have nothing to do with this and cannot pay it for you. If you refuse our package because of this extra cost we will take it back and will refund your order in full once received minus the cost of the return shipping. If you are unsure what these import costs will be please check with your country's customs office.