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Nickel Pounder Pack

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Nickel Pounder Pack - 16 AVDP ounces - .995 bullion

Nickel is a silvery-white transition metal with a slight golden tinge that is corrosion resistant and can take a high polish.  It was first classified as an element by Axel Fredrik Cronstedt in 1751.  It has a much longer history of use in ancient civilizations thought to have been unintentional as its ores could easily be mistaken for those of silver or copper.  White copper from China as early as 1700 BC and called baitong was not known to contain nickel until 1822.  Likewise bronze made in ancient Syria from as early as 3500 BC has been found to contain nickel.  Nickel is named after the mischievous sprite (akin to Old Nick) from German mythology blamed for keeping miners from being able to extract copper from the red mineral they mined in Erzgebrige (their Ore Mountains).

Nickel has a history of monetary use from Dutch coins first minted in 1833 to the first U.S. coins in the 1850s, Swiss coins in 1881, and Canadian coins in 1922.  Nickel was so important for the armaments used in World War II, that the U.S. and Canada replaced the nickel in these coins with other metals, including 35% silver in the U.S. war nickels. Today nickel is used mostly in the production of steel and other alloys.

Our nickel rounds each weigh at least one AVDP ounce and are 99.5% pure. They contain this information as well as the chemical symbol (Ni), our logo, and a map depicting our realm which, though vast and diverse, is one of limited resources.

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