Rhenium (Re) 24 karat ring

Rhenium (Re) 24 karat ring

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Rhenium ring -- 24 karat (99.99% pure)


Wedding bands have traditionally been made of gold with 14 karat (or 58.5% pure) being the most common and 18 karat (or 75% pure) also available. Gold is too soft to make a durable ring out of at 24 karat purity (at least 99.9% pure). There are many alternatives to gold including the traditional precious metals silver and platinum although in recent years alternative precious and non-precious metals including palladium, iridium, tungsten, cobalt and stainless steel have been becoming popular. Rhenium is an incredibly hard, durable and corrosion resistant metal and thus can be issued in 24 karat purity and will last and remain beautiful indefinitely.

Rhenium is the fourth most dense metal (weighing 21.02 g/cm3 compared with osmium at 22.59 g/cm3, iridium at 22.56 g/cm3, platinum at 21.45 g/cm3, gold at 19.30 g/cm3 and silver at 10.49 g/cm3). Rhenium also has the highest boiling point of any element at 10,170 degrees F, has the second highest melting point of any elemental metal at 5767 degrees, and also has a very high Moh's hardness of 7.0. These compare favorably with gold (melting point 1948 degrees F and Moh's harness 2.5), platinum (3215 degrees F and 3.5), iridium (4435 degrees F and 6.5). Rhenium is used to help ensure the critical propulsion systems of jets and spacecraft are able to stand up to the extremely high temperatures and mechanical stress. Our rhenium rings are thus about as durable a ring as you'll find anywhere on this planet or any other for that matter. They are also essentially pure unlike conventional rings in which the precious metal is alloyed (or diluted) with other non-precious metals to make them more durable with the added benefit to the jeweler that they are less expensive to manufacture as less precious metal is used.
Rhenium was discovered in Germany in 1925, was the last stable element to be discovered, and is named after the Rhine River. It is among the most rare elements in the earths crust with an estimated concentration of 1 part per billion. In recent years only about 50 tonnes of rhenium is mined worldwide compared to the approximately 3000 tonnes of gold mined annually. So, if you are interested in an elemental metal that is beautiful, rare and elusive; one that is among the hardest and most durable metals in the universe, one that will richly reflect some of the cherished characteristics of your soulmate, and certainly one capable of representing a pure love for eternity, then this may just be the perfect ring for you!

Our rhenium rings are made on an individual, custom basis and will usually take between 4 and 5 months to complete. These rings come with a standard band width of 4 mm and a thickness of 1.5 to 2 mm. We recently completed a rhenium ring with a custom band width of 8 mm as pictured below. If you are interested in a custom band width please contact us for pricing. Laser etching is included. Our standard ring etching is "RWMM  Xx .9999  XXXX" where Xx is the elemental metal (in this case Re), .9999 refers to its purity of 99.99%, and XXXX is the serial number which is unique and will vary (our very first ring was 0001 and of course this increases in order based the number of this item sold just as we do with the serial numbers on our ingots). The etching can be customized to whatever you like (as long as it will fit) for no additional charge though we do suggest including at least the standard "Re .9999". Due to the incredible properties that make rhenium such an ideal ring material, they unfortunately cannot be re-sized. We therefore suggest getting sized at a local jeweler before placing your order. As with our other products we will allow up to 30 days for returns if you don't love it for any reason, but we'd be most content if the reason wasn't a poorly chosen ring size! Domestic shipping is free for this product (just enter code free shipping at checkout). International shipping is via DHL, FedEx, or USPS international express at our discretion and costs $45 for this ring. International customers please be aware that your country may levy import duties and/or VAT taxes on your purchase from us. We have nothing to do with this and cannot pay it for you. If you refuse our package because of this extra cost we will take it back and will refund your order in full once received minus the cost of the return shipping. If you are unsure what these import costs will be please check with your country's customs office. 

Some references on this amazing metal, one that very few people have ever even heard of: