Ruthenium 10-Pack

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Ruthenium 10-Pack - .9996 bullion -- 10 troy ounces -- PGM


Ruthenium belongs to the platinum group metals (PGMs) and is exceedingly rare. Worldwide annual production is estimated between 12 and 20 tonnes of ruthenium compared to over 2700 tonnes of gold. It is corrosion and wear resistant and its alloys can be superconductive. It has other unusual and unique properties and has applications in electronics, chemical and solar power industries. Please see the below links for more information.

Inscribed on our ingots are the chemical symbol (Ru), purity (99.96%), weight (one troy ounce), and a serial number (this number is unique and will vary). On the reverse is our logo. These ingots are lightly polished, though are not as well polished as the one pictured. These ingots can be a little rougher than our single Ru ingots and are therefore discounted. They often have small edge chips, light scratches and other small surface imperfections that do not detract from the inherent value of this rare platinum group metal. We guarantee the weight and purity of each ingot in this 10-pack. As we suggest with all of our metals please keep in a safe place, do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

Each 10-pack will be shipped in the pictured tube with an assay certificate and with our velvet logo bag. If you are not completely satisfied with any purchase from us, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund (buyer to pay return shipping). Domestic shipping is free for for this 10-pack (enter code free shipping at checkout). International shipping is now via USPS international priority express and costs $45 for shipments up to a pound (9 one ounce ingots or less including packaging materials) and $10 for each additional pound.

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