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If you are a precious metals enthusiast then you probably already own coins, bars and ingots of silver and gold. Maybe even platinum, palladium and rhodium have found their way into your safe? But how about indium, scandium, or tellurium? Did you ever think you could also own iridium, ruthenium and osmium? These are among the most rare and precious metals in the world and most can be had in our one troy ounce ingot form for well less than the cost of a single ounce of gold! We have procured and are very proud to offer a diverse collection of one troy ounce elemental metal ingots and we'd bet you've never heard of over half of them! So break out your pocket protector, click on our periodic table page and let's journey back in time to your high school chemistry class. If there is something you've been missing in the years since, we may just have it. Own what's rare!


I had a friend zapping some samples with his XRF gun the other day so I had him hit one of the Ir ingots I just got from you. It came back with "no detectable impurities". A result never seen before by the owner of this 48 grand analyzer. Pretty amazing. I also rough checked the density and confirmed your conclusion of 99% of theoretical using a diameter of 18.05 mm and thickness of 5.55 mm resulting in a density of 22.34. So congrats, I stand corrected. You now have the only commercially available substance more dense than platinum. I liked it so much I just ordered two more.

Mark from Oregon

I love these samples, they're excellent. I've been looking for a while for rare metals and have only found monolithic chunks, rods, and unappealing pellets. Not only do they make excellent display and conversation pieces, it's such a great idea to invest in metals because of their extreme volatility and intrinsic value to industry. A supply disruption or new technology utilizing obscure materials can drive the prices up dramatically with the new demand, as we've seen in recent years with Nd, Rh, Pd, Ta, Mo, W to name a few. I recall when Ta roughly tripled in price between 2007 and 2011 because of its ubiquity in capacitors and a mild shortage. The material type, purity and mass label on these samples make them easy to value in the future for those who are looking to invest and trade. I highly recommend these samples and will be expanding my collection in the near future.

Jesse from Maryland

Just to let you know that the ingots arrived safely in Singapore and I am thoroughly delighted with them, especially with the Rhenium ingots, which are very attractive objects indeed. Your company is doing a real service to both element collectors and to investors, because many of these elements are not otherwise available in this very attractive form. Also, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my order was dispatched.
Wishing you all the best with future elements!

Brett in Singapore

RWMM went Above and Beyond and Expedited My Order for my brother's B-Day free of charge. AND I got a complimentary Copper round. I could not be more satisfied with the kindness and attention they showed me. Beautiful Cobalt, Germanium and Rhenium pieces. I hope your company will be around for a very long time. Thank you.

Brian from Whittier, CA

I just received the ring. It is very beautiful and really pure iridium (I just made an Archimedes density measurement). It fits perfectly and the comfort is also very good. It is a wonderful piece of engineering. Best wishes for your future iridium ring sellings. Thank you very much.

Cengiz from Neurnberg Germany

I wanted to sincerely thank you for opening up the market on truly unique and rare metal bullion in a manner never before seen. It is a truly remarkable experience just sifting through the numerous products available in a user-friendly format.

Paul in S. Winnipeg, Canada


Hafnium, Scandium, and Tungsten are back in stock!

Hafnium, Scandium, and Tungsten are back in stock!

We are pleased to finally have our hafnium, scandium, and tungsten ingots back in stock. We are close to our release of a new product in cadmium, a...
Osmium and Cobalt are back in stock!

Osmium and Cobalt are back in stock!

We are happy to have more of our osmium and cobalt ingots back in stock. We are also pleased to have our next batches of hafnium, rhenium, and scan...
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Cyber Monday

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