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Cheaper International Shipping June 23 2017

Until now our international shipping charges have been $45 for shipments weighing up to one pound. We have required this express level of shipping not only to get our international customers their products nearly as quickly as our domestic customers do, but more importantly it is the only level of service that gives us door to door tracking that protects us and you in the rare event of a lost...

Our first meteorite cross is now available May 24 2017

This first of our limited release meteorite crosses is now available. It is the Muonionalusta meteorite found in 1906 in Sweden and is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old. An 18 karat solid gold border imparts rich reflections in the lamellar pattern of this meteorite. A truly unique and ancient piece, available now. Scheduled for release later this year is a Seymchan meteorite cross in 24 karat palladium.    

24 Karat Rhenium Rings May 10 2017

We just completed our 2nd prototype rhenium ring and this is the style we are going to go with. It is 4 mm wide, 2 mm thick and has D shaped cross section with rounded inner edges for comfort. Similar to our iridium rings though in a smaller font size, they have an inner surface laser etched inscription of "RWMM  Re .9999  XXXX" reflecting our brand, a rhenium ring of...

Cobalt in the News May 08 2017

Cobalt was among the commodities of interest at the Mines and Money conference this week in NYC. This interest has also been evident among our customers as our inventory is getting low. We plan to have more in the next few months.    

World's Rarest Metals Making a Comeback? April 18 2017

We've seen the spot prices of several of our metals start to bounce off of multi-year lows with Ruthenium leading the charge, now $60 a troy ounce up from $42/oz just a few weeks ago. It is still down quite a bit since we were working to start our company in 2012 when it was about $120 an ounce and has since nearly completely collapsed relative to its all time high...

High polish April 01 2017

We've recently implemented a new polishing process on our ruthenium ingots and we hope you will be as pleased as we are with the results. Unfortunately they are difficult to photograph well as they are so shiny. As such, our new pics of them had to be retouched heavily. As I reread this it sounds like the makings of a bad April Fools joke, but really they are great!    ...

24 Karat Rhenium Rings January 18 2017

We have had an overwhelming response to our 24 karat iridium rings in the last year. They now adorn the proximal 4th phalanx of newlyweds and precious metals enthusiasts in 9 countries on 4 continents. We hope to continue that momentum with our rhenium rings which we plan to launch later this year along with our meteorite crosses as we continue our quest to take our rare metal bullion mainstream...

Happy New Year! December 31 2016

Aloha from The Big Island of Hawaii! I feel very blessed to be able to spend our annual pilgrimage here with my family including aging but healthy and happy parents. Much of the world has already passed into 2017 and Happy New Year to those who have! We'll be among the last to pass through this annual time portal later tonight. Despite the tough sledding in this business as precious...

Meteorite Crosses Coming Soon November 29 2016

The main elemental components of octahedrite meteorites are by no means rare with the vast majority being iron and nickel (with trace amounts of other elements including gallium, germanium and iridium). It is the crystalline pattern of these meteorites (called the Widmanstätten pattern) that makes them not only rare, but also beautiful and unmistakably of cosmic origin. You see, the alternating elongated lamellar bands of iron-nickel crystals running in groups at...

Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale November 24 2016

Best wishes to our loyal customers and business partners for a memorable Thanksgiving spent with friends and family. For those of you who prefer to buy something special from the comfort of your home this Black Friday we'll offer 20% off all of our products for 24 hours only with checkout code: OWNWHAT'SRARE Happy Thanksgiving!  

Correcting Bull October 05 2016

We follow as many analysts in the precious metals space as we can. Most seem to think the recent sharp downturn in gold an silver is just a bull market correction and of course there are all sorts of theories about manipulation of these markets, at least some of which have credence given the DOJ probe into several banks' alleged manipulation of the precious metals markets earlier this year and the...

5 Grand! September 15 2016

We have learned that our friends at American Elements have been selling iridium rings that are now nearly identical to the design that we adopted last year and apparently abandoned their rings of the soldered wire appearance. They also seemed to like the laser inscription we've used in our rings and have begun to market theirs as certified 24 karat.  As said by the great Oscar Wilde, "imitation is the...
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