RWMM Customer Reviews

Fellow Metal Enthusiasts,

This is the final destination for everyone that craves and collects rare metals from the stars. I was totally amazed at the Beauty and Workmanship of the Osmium, Rhenium and Ruthenium that arrived today.

I plan to order more in the future. Sean is an excellent customer service oriented entrepreneur and helped me every step of the way. He replied to my Email’s late at night so I guess he doesn’t sleep very much. Keep up the excellent work. I think you are appealing to a potentially new huge market demand that was previously untapped.

Peter in Richmond, BC, Canada



Aside from being the only place where you can find some rare metals, RWMM (as I was pleasantly surprised) is a place which is run by honest people.  After returning home from my prolonged (due to COVID-19 restrictions, etc.) trip overseas, I realized that my US mail was being returned to senders by my local post office. It had been over several months since my packages were supposedly returned when I started to investigate the location of my investment. Well, after sending a few messages, and having a few sleepless nights, I received an e-mail from Sean, confirming that yes, they had gotten the packages back and hadn't been able to contact me, so they just held them for me. Thank you RWMM! You made my day!
Kelseyville, California
I have never found anyone as reputable, informative, helpful and honest as the folks at RWMM. Their quality of both service and products are unsurpassed! I can think of only one word to describe RWMM and that word is AWESOME!
Thank you,
Kalamazoo, Michigan
I wanted to let you know that I received my rhenium ring today. I am very happy with it and it fits perfectly! I think the color is unique, in that it does not look like any other common jewelry metal. I can't remember if I ever said this, but the reason I was interested in rhenium is because I am an isotope geochemist and I have used rhenium for analytical methods. I am very happy I was able to find someone that could make a ring out of this metal! Thank you for your work and efforts. It really came out very nicely! I will certainly be recommending RWMM to anyone looking for a unique ring!
Virginia, USA



Just got my package, fantastic! My osmium ingot sitting next to the magnesium ingot looks absolutely baffling. People don't believe that they weigh the same, they can't wrap their heads around the density difference. Thanks for making science look amazing!
British Columbia, Canada



My wonderful order experience:
I just wanted to say thank you for my rhenium purchase. I was delighted with the beautiful copper ounce which was included in my package. All in all a top notch operation.
Claremont, California
Friends -- The recent parcel of metals arrived this Friday afternoon.  They are really quite wonderful!  Thank you very much.  I'm hoping to buy one of each of your products over the coming months as the funds become available.  So you'll be hearing from me again.
Thanks again!!!
Richmond, California
I just wanted to let you know that the iridium ring arrived safely. It fits perfectly and yes it is beautiful. Excellent finish. I'm impressed that you were able to solve the pitting "problem" so well and so quickly. I note with interest that the biggest impurity is Ruthenium. Perhaps a hint that your next project might be a pure ruthenium ring?  :-)
Thanks very much and best wishes,
I just received the ring. It is very beautiful and really pure iridium (I just made an Archimedes density measurement). It fits perfectly and the comfort is also very good. It is a wonderful piece of engineering. Best wishes for your future iridium ring sellings. Thank you very much.
Nuernberg, Germany
The little ingots arrived in this afternoon's mail.  They are very lovely, and I'm extremely pleased.  I wanted these as companion pieces to the more easily available platinum, palladium, and rhodium.  In refining and working these rare metals, there must be some fascinating chemistry involved.   I love that kind of thing!!!  Very cool… I hope I have occasion to purchase from you again. You offer some very interesting materials.  Wish best wishes for the success of your company.
Richmond, California
I had a friend zapping some samples with his XRF gun the other day so I had him hit one of the Ir ingots I just got from you. It came back with "no detectable impurities". A result never seen before by the owner of this 48 grand analyzer. Pretty amazing. I also rough checked the density and confirmed your conclusion of 99% of theoretical using a diameter of 18.05 mm and thickness of 5.55 mm resulting in a density of 22.34. So congrats, I stand corrected. You now have the only commercially available substance more dense than platinum. I liked it so much I just ordered two more.
Oregon, USA
I just wanted to let you know my pre-ordered osmium just arrived. Very cool little collectible and potential investment. Thank you guys for keeping me well-updated on the order status, and thank you for the little goodies you threw in. I think you guys are getting it right with throwing in the little extras with the larger orders. Yep... people (i.e. me!) love free stuff. I don't know a lot of people who are into this kind of stuff, but if I run into somebody who is, I will definitely recommend RWMM.
Once again, great customer service!
Thanks again,
California, USA
I just wanted to remind you guys how awesome your business is, and how pleased I have been with everything that I have purchased from RWMM. I rave about your company to everybody I know, although honestly, most of them "don't get it". Haha! It's their loss, as far as I'm concerned! The quality of your goods is top notch, and I look forward to buying much more from you guys in the future. Please keep doing what you do, and keep fighting the good fight!
Texas, USA
RWMM went Above and Beyond and Expedited My Order for my brother's B-Day free of charge. AND I got a complimentary Copper round. I could not be more satisfied with the kindness and attention they showed me. Beautiful Cobalt, Germanium and Rhenium pieces. I hope your company will be around for a very long time.
Thank You,
Whittier, California

I didn't realize that you had a Facebook page, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that you did! You guys deserve the praise! I really love your ingots and books! I appreciate how you make these otherwise unattainable, rare precious metals, available to the public! Thank you for your time and for existing! As you guys always say, "Own what's Rare"! Thanks to you, I actually can!
San Antonio, Texas
First Time Buyers, We purchased the Cu and Ni rounds, GREAT ITEMS! Fast and Friendly Service, Great Packaging plus extras. Glad we Found RWMM. We'll be back. Keep up the Great Work!
Tom & Sharon
Just to let you know that the ingots arrived safely in Singapore and I am thoroughly delighted with them, especially with the Rhenium ingots, which are very attractive objects indeed. Your company is doing a real service to both element collectors and to investors, because many of these elements are not otherwise available in this very attractive form. Also, it has been a pleasure dealing with you and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my order was dispatched.
Wishing you all the best with future elements!
Brett in Singapore
I love these samples, they're excellent. I've been looking for a while for rare metals and have only found monolithic chunks, rods, and unappealing pellets. Not only do they make excellent display and conversation pieces, it's such a great idea to invest in metals because of their extreme volatility and intrinsic value to industry. A supply disruption or new technology utilizing obscure materials can drive the prices up dramatically with the new demand, as we've seen in recent years with Nd, Rh, Pd, Ta, Mo, W to name a few. I recall when Ta roughly tripled in price between 2007 and 2011 because of its ubiquity in capacitors and a mild shortage. The material type, purity and mass label on these samples make them easy to value in the future for those who are looking to invest and trade. I highly recommend these samples and will be expanding my collection in the near future.



I purchased a Ruthenium ingot for my research work.  The ingot perfectly suits my research work.  I am extremely happy with my purchase of Ru ingot.  Sean is so friendly, sincere and co-operative.  Thanks a lot.
Dr. R. M.

Asst Professor, NIT Raipur, India



I have been collecting elements for many years now. I have been always in search of nice and good quality samples with various success but with some elements it was just impossible to acquire them in a quality form. It was at the end of 2013 that I stumbled upon RWMM's samples on eBay. The quality of the samples that I obtained from them (Ir, Sc, Ru, Hf, Mo, W) is just amazing and each sample is individually marked. Great job! I will definitely be back again soon!


Sackets Harbor, NY



I am very happy with my purchase. The transaction was very smooth and my communication with Sean was kind and cooperative. The items were very well packed and delivered quickly. Thanks a lot.
Helmstedt, Germany
I recently started buying ingots from RWMM and am very happy with the quality of the ingots and their service.  I think these metals are a great long term investment. They are unique, and a great addition to my investment portfolio, as they are something different, with each metal having many different kinds of future potential in the metals industry.  As a long time investor in gold, platinum, silver and palladium, I wanted something really new and unique to invest in that is basically a whole new and select market that I believe will have more potential as a true investment in the long run. RWMM seems to be the perfect supplier for this type of investment.
John A.
Excellent quality products and great communications. I purchased these for my children. Put them away for 50 years and wait for liquid markets to develop. I am a retired investment adviser and am excited with this new investment.
Hannibal, MO
I had a great experience with this company, and purchased great looking products. I purchased 2 Ruthenium and 3 Rhenium ingots in great condition as described in their ad. I spoke with Sean who provided me with 5 star customer service and was very prompt with helping me and giving me advice. I found that he is very knowledgeable with these type of metals. Was very pleased with their service and would be a pleasure to do business again. Thank You.
Pinellas Park, FL
Very thorough in bringing rarer-than-gold bullion to market that is safe and attainable for rare metal enthusiasts.  I have been in contact with them since before they launched, and RWMM has always answered my questions about their products.  I highly recommend them and their rare bullion.
Salt Lake City, UT

I wanted to sincerely thank you for opening up the market on truly unique and rare metal bullion in a manner never before seen. It is a truly remarkable experience just sifting through the numerous products available in a user-friendly format.
Paul S.
Winnipeg, Canada


RWMM is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in acquiring rare metals.  I have been genuinely pleased with every purchase.
Morgantown, Indiana


Thank you for your beautiful ingots. Looking forward to when more CRM ingots come out.
Curator of Corrsion Art Museum
中国 .福州

I am very happy with my order from RWMM. It was shipped promptly, and the items were as described. I will definitely be ordering additional metals from RWMM in the future. I want the Rhenium next, and am saving up for Osmium!
Simi Valley, California


There are a lot of element dealers out there, but most of them sell rough chunks. Even the cylinders some sell are unlabeled. The RWMM specimens are unique in that they are full-ounce cylinders (so you can easily compare densities) and inscribed with the element's symbol and other information.
Greensboro, North Carolina