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70 Years of Semiconductors. "#Silicon and #germanium transistors have been around since the 1950s when vacuum tubes were king. (...) #Silicon has been the mainstay since the early ’60s, bumping #germanium out of the way over time." • 3 min read
Biden invokes defence act to boost US energy transition metals and minerals supply. “Russia is the lead supplier of #silicon to the US and is a top four source for #aluminum, #chromium, #lithium, #palladium, and #scandium. “ • 3 min read
An Insider’s Look at the World’s Rarest Precious Metal. “Despite being the world’s rarest precious metal, #osmium is still relatively unknown. The metal, over 1,500 times rarer than gold, boasts a variety of exceptional qualities, among them being that it is the densest element known to man.” • 2 min read
Research team led by Kyoto Univ. makes world's 1st alloy mixing all 8 precious metals. "The eight precious metals are #gold, #silver, #platinum, #palladium, #rhodium, #iridium, #ruthenium and #osmium. All precious metals are rare and corrosion resistant. There are combinations that do not mix well like water and oil, and it had been believed to be difficult to combine all of them." • 2 min read
Palladium Extends Gains After Suspension of Russian Refiners. "The precious metal’s latest rise, following a 8.7% surge on Friday, comes after the invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that followed saw prices soar to a record last month. Russia produces about 40% of freshly mined palladium, which is mostly used in catalytic converters for gasoline-powered vehicles." • 2 min read
The world's top 10 largest copper producers in 2021. “With 1,728 ktonnes of copper mined in 2021, Chilean mining behemoth Codelco is the largest #copper producer worldwide.” • 2 min read
South Korea pushes for recycling of rare metals. “A new international initiative is promoting the recycling of rare metals such as tungsten and molybdenum” • 2 min read
Iron ore may see structural shift on lack of new supply, decarbonisation. “Much of the iron ore debate focuses on the outlook for demand in China but bubbling in the background are two factors likely to cause a structural shift in the market for the steel raw material – the lack of new supply and decarbonization.” • 4 min read
Record-breaking molecular magnet. “researchers have created what they believe are the most magnetic molecules ever made” • 3 min read
A well-known iron-based magnet is also a potential quantum information material. “a closer look at a class of magnets, iron hexaferrites, which have been known since the 1950s, to see if they could extend their properties and performance” • 4 min read
The World's Largest Nickel Mining Companies. “Needed for the manufacturing of electric vehicles, wind turbines, and nuclear power plants, nickel is also primarily used to make stainless steel alloys more resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures.” • 3 min read
Steel Is the Other Big Commodity Shock from the War in Ukraine. “One reason for the price spike is the sheer size of the Russian and Ukrainian steel industries. Russia is the world’s third biggest steel exporter, behind only China and Japan, while Ukraine is the eighth largest. “ • 1 min read
Insane lithium price rally continues with “little relief in sight”. “Lithium prices have jumped across the board over the past year on the back of heavy demand from the automotive sector” • 2 min read
Sanctioned Russian nickel could slow global EV adoption, report. “Russia was the third-largest nickel producer in 2021, producing over 200,000 tonnes. As nickel is used in the production of EV batteries, any sanctions placed on Russian nickel will cause EV manufacturing prices to increase further, threatening adoption and decarbonization.” • 2 min read
Mapped: U.S. Mineral Production, by State. “This includes metals like copper, iron ore, and zinc” • 3 min read
LME Halts Nickel Trading After Unprecedented 250% Spike. “Nickel, used in stainless steel and electric-vehicle batteries, surged as much as 250% in two days to trade briefly above $100,000 a ton early Tuesday” • 1 min read
The 50 Minerals Critical to U.S. Security. "Much of the increase in the new list is the result of splitting the rare earth elements and platinum group elements into individual entries rather than including them as “mineral groups.” In addition, the 2022 list of critical minerals adds nickel and zinc to the list while removing helium, potash, rhenium, and strontium." • 3 min read
Palladium price highest in four months amid Ukraine-Russia crisis. The crisis has turned into war now. Let’s hope for peace in Ukraine, sooner rather than later. • 2 min read
Graphene could replace rare metal used in mobile phone screens. “Most homes will have many items containing indium, it's used in flatscreen TVs, solar panels, as well as LED lights in our homes.” • 2 min read
Commodities and the Russia-Ukraine crisis. “Russia isn't just an important supplier of oil and gas, it's also a sizeable producer of #nickel, #copper, #palladium and #platinum.”
Red Mountain Mining confirms sought-after heavy rare earths at Mt Mansbridge. “This breakthrough comes amid a background of tightening Chinese control of rare earths, now being put into effect by the merger of the three producers in China” • 2 min read
Hold That Tesla! Inflation Will Be Made of Aluminum. “The fight against climate change — with its rush for the light metal coupled with the shutdown of the dirty power sources that helped produce it — has turned the trade upside down. It’s crippling supply, particularly in China. The result is the hottest aluminum market in 30 years.”
New discovery on liquid metal alloys may lead to high-efficiency electronics. “According to the scientists, the strange cyclic divergent and convergent growth, called oscillatory bifurcation, is rare and has not been observed in solidification structures prior to this new study.” • 2 min read
How the Expansion of Megacities Will Boost Metal Markets. “this means more steel, more copper, more aluminum, and more cement are needed” • 3 min read
Tin price outlook dims in 2022 – report - MINING.COM. “Tin prices peaked at $39,159 per tonne in November 2021, soaring by 79% from the beginning of that year. The spike was driven by a shortage resulting from sharply heightened demand from the electronics sector, where tin is used for circuit board manufacturing” • 2 min read
Financial spillover effect more intense between gold, silver - MINING.COM. “The new research, assessed the relationship between the returns of nine precious metals: gold, silver, palladium, platinum, nickel, lead, zinc, copper, and aluminum.” • 2 min read
Antimony selenosulfide solar cell with 10.7% efficiency. “the new cell is the most efficient PV device ever to be built based on antimony.” • 2 min read
Lithium Prices Surge on EV Demand from China. “By the first week of 2022, prices for lithium carbonate, a key ingredient in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, reached a new high of 300,000 yuan or nearly $47,500 per ton in China.” • 3 min read
The EU wants to end its dependence on China for rare earth metals. ““We import lithium for electric cars, platinum to produce clean hydrogen, silicon metal for solar panels,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leye” • 4 min read
How Metals Prices Performed in 2021. “year-over-year return on metals prices from January 1 to December 31 of 2021” “the world’s reopening resulted in unprecedented demand for base and energy metals” • 4 min read
Ferroglobe unit sets plan to restart silicon metal facility in Selma - Alabama NewsCenter. “Alabama officials announced Globe Metallurgical Inc. (GMI), a subsidiary of Ferroglobe PLC, a leading producer of silicon metal and specialty alloys, is moving forward with a plan to restart an idled silicon metal facility in Selma.” “Silicon metals are used for a variety of industrial purposes, including the production of silicon wafers that end up in photovoltaic solar panels.” • 3 min read
Rhodium price on the march again as demand from auto sector rises - MINING.COM. "Some automakers noted that the global chip shortage is starting to ease, suggesting that vehicle production will start to recover after 2021’s cutbacks, pushing up demand for automotive catalysts — and rhodium along the way." • 2 min read
Selective separation could help alleviate critical metals shortage. “Current methods of rare metal separation rely on large quantities of energy, water, acids, and organic solvents which have costly environmental impacts” • 4 min read
Infographic: Visualizing the Critical Metals in a Smartphone. “most smartphones can carry roughly 80% of the stable elements on the periodic table” • 2 min read
The Year of Critical Supply Chains – Review 2021. "The main shortage in the past year was of semiconductor chips. Numerous sectors were affected, but the automotive industry suffered particularly severely from the shortage of electronic components that control a wide range of functions in modern vehicles." • 5 min read
The World's Largest Nickel Mining Companies. “Nickel has long been an important mineral for batteries, plating, and steelmaking, but it was only recently added to the USGS’s proposed critical minerals list.” • 3 min read
China Rare Earth Group Established. "The consolidation is expected to ease competitive pressures between the companies and increase the influence on commodity pricing." • 1 min read
“the top 10 largest copper mining companies worldwide based on their reported attributable copper production in Q3 2021.“ Top 10 largest copper mining companies reduced production 2% in Q3 2021 • 3 min read
“Rare earth deposits are associated with extinct alkaline volcanoes. These volcanoes are unusual and only exposed in select regions around the world, such as south Greenland.” New tools to unearth rare metals • 3 min read
“a new kind of microscopic structure that can rapidly mitigate chemical weapons” Concordia researchers develop a tool to neutralize chemical weapons using rare-earth elements • 1 min read
“Will the increasing consumption of nickel by EV battery producers affect its availability for the stainless steel industry?” A new conundrum for stainless steel • 2 min read
“Oxygen, silicon, aluminum, and iron account for 88.1% of the mass of the Earth’s crust, while another 90 elements make up the remaining 11.9%.” Visualizing the Abundance of Elements in the Earth’s Crust • 4 min read
“What’s 14.545 inches across, weighs one ton (around 907kg or 2,000lbs), and just sold to a group of anonymous crypto investors for roughly $250,000?” A one-ton tungsten cube was just bought by a crypto cabal for $250,000 • 4 min read
“Auxico Resources Canada has announced the construction of a rare earth refinery in the Colombian city of Santa Marta” Rare Earths Refinery Planned in Colombia • 1 min read
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, is the longest natural sea beach in the world running 150 kilometres (93 mi). “According to the researchers, the cultivation of seaweed on Cox's Bazar beach can create endless reserves of valuable mineral resources. Scientists believe that this could also create a new possibility in the blue-economy.” Seaweeds protect sand dunes of Cox's Bazar beach • 4 min read
Pursuing automation and efficiency in the recycling of metals. “When recycling platinum-group metals, one needs to think in microscopic terms. These six metals - platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium and osmium - are used in a large number of products but typically in small quantities.” • 6 min read
Where in the World Are All the Rare Earths? “As the demand for REEs increases, the world will need tap these reserves. This graphic could provide clues as to the next source of rare earth elements.” • 3 min read
Green Energy Metals: Eight companies with big ambitions. “companies are rich with ideas for finding lithium, nickel, copper, cobalt, and PGMs wherever they are around the world” • 20 min read
Aluminium price hits 13-year high. “A major cause of this price hike is the energy-intensive nature of aluminium production. Aluminium has the highest emissions per dollar intensity of any metal, at 10.2kg C02e/$” • 2 min read
The Consumer Electronics Industry's "Rare" Problem. “Will televisions be manufactured without built-in speakers?” • 6 min read
How Refractory Metals are Used in Aerospace and Defense • 3 min read
This alien-like metal may one day power your electronics. “Aside from its ability to absorb light, bismuth makes for an ideal battery replacement because it’s completely nontoxic.” • 2 min read
“Besides gold and silver, other metals have investment value based on industrial demand for them. This precious metals list is known as ‘platinum group metals’ (PGMs), and includes platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium and iridium.”. Precious metals forecast: Interest rate hikes and the market • 2 min read
“Cantor and colleagues found areas within the alloys they made where a single phase predominated. That phase consisted of five metals: iron, chromium, manganese, nickel, and cobalt, each at 20 atomic percent and arranged in a face-centered-cubic (fcc) crystal structure.”. • 1 min read
“China accounts for 60% of the world's production of rare earths according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The top export destinations are Japan (49% by value) followed by the U.S. (15%), according to Chinese media.”. Liquid metal helps convert CO2 into battery, manufacturing resources - MINING.COM • 3 min read
“a cheap new way to capture and convert CO2 emissions using liquid gallium”. Liquid metal helps convert CO2 into battery, manufacturing resources - MINING.COM • 2 min read
Do you have a new idea on how to use thousands of Troy ounces of palladium a year?
Silicon’s 300% Surge Throws Another Price Shock at the World. • 1 min read
London Metals Trading Floor Is Fighting to Survive - BNN Bloomberg. • 3 min read
All the Metals We Mined in One Visualization. • 3 min read
Vital says its Saskatoon rare earth extraction plant on track for first feed in 2021. • 2 min read
Rare metals recovered with whisky-fuelled filtration system. • 5 min read
US Needs 10X More Rare Earth Metals To Hit Biden’s Electric Vehicle Goals. Among light rare earths: neodymium and praseodymium. Among heavies: dysprosium and terbium. • 5 min read
Totten Mine workers starting to return to the surface. Our thoughts are with the workers and their families. We are glad that this story ends well. “The mine produces copper, nickel and precious metals and employs about 200 people.” • 2 min read
New type of catalyst may help protect supply of precious metals. “nanoclusters of palladium atoms appear to defy the traditional categories” “Exploitation of metals in the form of nanoclusters is one of the most powerful strategies for increasing the active surface area available for catalysis.” • 1 min read
Goldman Sachs ramps up cobalt trading. “carmakers cannot easily hedge their exposure to battery metals such as cobalt since there is too little trading on exchanges such as the London Metal Exchange.” • 2 min read
A diversified portfolio makes Namibia Critical Metals an investment vehicle you should not ignore. “Rare earth elements like dysprosium and terbium can be a mouthful, but they are key to the modern economy.” • 6 min read
Osmium: The Revolutionary Precious Metal You’ve Never Heard Of. “Osmium, the 76th element of the periodic table, is the most valuable precious metal on Earth. Over 1,500 times rarer than gold, the metal is mined in conjunction with platinum, to a yield of roughly one ounce of osmium for every 10,000 tons of platinum extracted.” • 2 min read
Quantum computers are already detangling nature’s mysteries. “If you wrote down one of each of the possible states of thulium per second it would take 20 trillion years – more than a thousand times the age of the universe.” • 3 min read
How a gold-stibnite restoration in Idaho could add antimony to US supply chain. “The project could lead to the country’s only primary producer of antimony, a critical and strategic mineral. “There is currently no domestic antimony source, and 90% of world supply is controlled by China, Russia and Tajikistan” • 5 min read
On the road to practical, low-cost superconductors with unexplored materials. “These rare earth elements in the single-crystalline form are able to overcome physical constraints that weaken superconductivity, thereby opening doors to a variety of engineering applications” • 3 min read
Silicon and rhenium make transverse electricity from heat. “A layered crystal of rhenium and silicon can produce electricity at right angles to heat flowing through it” • 2 min read
Investing in Precious Metals: A Complete Guide. “What’s important is to find reputable companies to protect your investments.” • 6 min read
New sensor able to detect rare earths in acid mine waste. “a luminescent sensor that can detect terbium, one of the rarest of the rare earth elements, in complex environmental samples like acid mine waste” • 3 min read
Visualizing the Critical Metals in a Smartphone. “most smartphones can carry roughly 80% of the stable elements on the periodic table. But some of the vital metals to build these devices are considered at risk due to geological scarcity, geopolitical issues, and other factors.” • 2 min read
Afghanistan’s Mineral Resources Are a Lost Opportunity and a Threat. “Some reports estimate Afghanistan REE resources are among the largest on earth.” • 6 min read
The Biggest Mining Companies in the World in 2021. Do you know your miners? Here are presented the world’s top mining companies by market capitalization as of June 22, 2021, and the metals they mine. • 3 min read
The US is digging into its tax toolkit to rebuild its rare earth industry. “a bipartisan bill introduced in the US Congress last week, which would provide tax credits for the domestic production of permanent rare earth magnets” • 3 min read
Ranked: Top 25 Nations Producing Battery Metals for the EV Supply Chain. "Batteries do not grow on trees—the raw materials for them, known as “battery metals”, have to be mined and refined." • 3 min read
Tokyo 2020: Olympic medals made from old smartphones, laptops. “There was a two-year national effort in Japan to collect enough recycled material to produce about 5,000 bronze, silver, and gold medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.” • 3 min read
How to avoid catalytic converter theft: Tips on protecting your car as thieves target rare metals. “Since the pandemic started, thefts of catalytic converters have soared nationwide as shortages or rare metals caused a spike in prices that have made the devices a particularly enticing target.” • 2 min read
Burundi suspends rare-earth mining in row over riches. “One of those targeted runs the Gakara project, one of the world's richest deposits of rare earths” • 2 min read
Can Reddit's silver "apes" beat the market? "The core of the movement is a Reddit community called Wall Street Silver, formed in January at the time WallStreetBets was marshalling an uprising of ordinary people against the financial elites, through coordinated buying of company shares." • 7 min read
“Rio Tinto reported a 12% fall in quarterly iron ore shipments on Friday after storms affected its West Australian operations.” Agricultural commodities aren’t the only one affected by weather. Metal mining is also dependent on Mother Nature’s behaviour. • 2 min read
"This extremely rare metal is outperforming all commodities—and Bitcoin, too"
“The US said this month it would work with allies to secure the minerals needed for electric vehicle batteries and process them domestically.” • 2 min read
“According to the German Mineral Resources Agency, (...), demand for germanium will grow by a massive 111%. For tantalum, growth is forecast at an even larger 416%, with other ICT elements such as yttrium seeing 659% growth.” • 5 min read
Reopening of the ring in London. “The London Metal Exchange’s trading ring, pictured in 2018, was closed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic” • 2 min read
“Before delving into ways to invest in rare-earth elements, investors should remember that these metals are commodities, which means they're subject to the ups and downs in demand that economic cycles bring.” Good article by Matt Whittaker although it does not mention the possibility of physical investment. • 5 min read
“Adding a heavy rare earth like dysprosium and sometimes terbium makes the magnet more temperature stable, and suitable for use in offshore wind turbines where maintenance costs are high.” By Mary Hui • 6 min read
“Tantalum is recognized both as a critical raw material and conflict mineral, and is found in specific high-performance capacitors used for circuit boards and LCD screens.” • 6 min read
“a nanosecond ytterbium fiber system equipped with a galvanometric scanner to create strokes that combine surface relief with optical effects, creating nine basic colors” • 3 min read
“a fractionated erbium laser that causes a little bit of damage under the skin to then stimulate collagen production” • 2 min read
“The resource, called Tellurium, is one of the rarest elements on Earth, and it will be recovered at Rio Tinto's Kennecott mine as a byproduct of copper smelting.” • 1 min read
“the metal’s price has been on a tear, rising more than sixfold since early 2016, an increase that’s lifted it above the price of gold” • 3 min read
You already own gold and silver? You even have platinum and palladium? Now how about a fifth, a sixth or a seventh metal in your portfolio? At RWMM we have more than 20 metals that are worth more than silver. Start collecting them before inflation hit. • 3 min read
“A partnership between Cody and Thomas Edison led to tungsten from Campo Bonito used directly for Edison’s incandescent electric lights.” • 1 min read
“Bismuth (melting point 271.4°C) is melted into a block, sawed into the desired knife shape, carefully re-dipped to coat it in a profusion of crystal forms, and then laboriously filed sharp.” • 1 min read
“newer laser technology optimized for holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) provides significant benefits compared with an earlier system” • 3 min read
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“We've taken a look at three global metals, their price drivers and outlook, with a focus on what key mining companies are saying about them” By Nick Hyett, CFA • 8 min read
“Europe is 75 per cent dependent on imports for almost all metals and up to 100 per cent for some critical minerals.” By Kevin O'Sullivan • 3 min read
“Iron, which is easily absorbed if you eat meat, but difficult to get from plants, is critical for anemia.” By Andy
“molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) consists of alternating layers rotated with respect to each other by 180 degrees and held together by weak van der Waals forces” • 5 min read
“Those unprecedented forms and structures could be very useful.” Enhancing Precious Metal Recovery From Electronic Waste • 3 min read
“In the past when the U.S. (and Japan) faced threats to the supply of rare earth minerals, there was a rush to develop alternatives. But once the threat passed and prices from China dropped, alternative sources lost their appeal.” By Willy • 5 min read
“While the mining of rare earth metals is diversifying, 80% of refining still occurs in China. With the demand for rare earths projected to double by 2030, building both mining and refining capacity overseas may prove key in reducing reliance on China.” By Govind • 3 min read
“Vital Metals (ASX: VML) today announced the commencement of mining operations at its Nechalacho rare earths project in Northwest Territories” By Vladimir • 2 min read
"According to the US Geological Survey, China accounted for 58 percent of rare-earth production worldwide in 2020, down from around 90 percent some four years ago, as the US and Australia gradually boosted production." • 3 min read
“The scientists took tiny crystals of a substance called sodium lutetium fluoride, and introduced atoms of the rare-earth element terbium into these crystals” • 3 min read
A Nevada Lithium Mine Kicks Off a New Era of US Extraction. “the nation’s largest-known lithium supply” By Maya L. Kapoor for Mother Jones • 9 min read
“Russian researchers analyzed the films that were made up of four elements: sulfur, molybdenum, hydrogen and carbon” • 3 min read
“Osmium is a rare precious metal, however, since it can act as a catalyst, a very little amount is needed for reactions in the cancer cell, therefore it could be a sustainable treatment going forward”. • 3 min read
“Issues that will be factored into the decision include the need for rare earth metals that are used in components of the F-35” • 4 min read
“The company will design a system of functionally-graded niobium-based alloys suitable for Additive Manufacturing that will be capable of sustaining high-temperature operation, thus increasing fuel efficiency” By Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine • 2 min read
Copper: Critical Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. "From gas-powered cars and electrical vehicles (EVs) to trains and airplanes, copper is an essential part of our daily commute." • 3 min read
Zinc: The Essential, Sustainable, and Versatile Metal. "Zinc is the fourth most used metal in the world behind iron, aluminum, and copper" • 3 min read
Russia develops instrument to search for precious metals on the Moon and Mars. “Once on the surface the device will be used to search for rare earth metals such as gold, silver and platinum, at depths of several tens of centimetres to a metre.” • 4 min read
New process to recycle polyolefinic plastics at low temperature. “They combined ruthenium, a metal in the platinum family, with cerium dioxide, used to polish glass, to produce a catalyst that caused the plastics to react at 473 Kelvin.” • 2 min read
Researchers use niobium, molybdenum to find heat-tolerant alloys for aircraft. “metals containing niobium silicide, which are promising materials that can withstand high temperatures and improve efficiency of gas turbines in power plants and aircraft” • 2 min read
Five minute fast-charge EVs on the way. “the nanoparticles are based on Germanium, a rare element which was the basis for early solid state electronics” • 1 min read
Tin Market Records Deficit in January to October 2020. “World Bureau of Metal Statistics announced that the tin market recorded a deficit of 18.7 kt during January to October 2020” • 1 min read
BARC Develops India's First Ruthenium 106 Plaque For Effective Eye Cancer Treatment. “The Plaque handling is very much Surgeon-friendly and the preliminary results are very satisfactory” • 2 min read
What Is Going On With Rare Earths Going Into Next Year? “Of the 17 rare earth elements, seven consistently trade above $1,000 per kilogram. Three are trading above the six-digit range. Gadolinium oxide is just a moonshot for mining operations. The two next-best rare earth elements to collect — praseodymium oxide and neodymium oxide — are worth roughly around $50,000 per kilogram.” • 8 min read
Essential Science: New atomic clock improves measuring time. "The MIT clock is based around 350 atoms of ytterbium, which is the most volatile rare-earth metal. It comes in the form of a soft, malleable silvery metal." • 1 min read
The latest magnesium studies pave the way for new biomedical materials. “Magnesium is the lightest metal that can be used in structural applications. Due to its mechanical, thermal and electrical properties as well as biodegradability and the controlled rate of corrosion, it sparks great interest in researchers dealing with biocompatible implants.” • 5 min read
Solar Panel Waste: The Dark Side of Clean Energy. The good news is : “cells based on nontoxic metals like tin or germanium are approaching the efficiency of the ones with lead.” • 5 min read
Best-Performing Metal of COVID-19 (It's Not Gold or Silver). “The price of gold has increased nearly 20% for the year. Meanwhile, silver has rallied over 30% higher. But there's one metal that has gone gangbusters throughout the crisis, with prices rocketing up 200% higher.” • 4 min read
Industrial metals prices performing well amid coronavirus. “the migration to a greener future, to less polluting technologies such as electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel and renewable technologies will boost demand for copper, nickel, silver and PGM’s, such as platinum and palladium.” • 3 min read
Soaring Metals Prices Signal Bets on Global Economic Recovery. “Prices for copper have risen to their highest level in almost eight years. Iron ore, the main ingredient of steel, is one of the best-performing assets in 2020. Other raw materials, such as aluminum and zinc, have added roughly 15% since the end of September and 40% or more since mid-May.”
CRU: The rare earths 'basket problem' is intensifying. “This is the essence of the "basket problem", an issue which has plagued the rare earth mining sector in recent years” • 3 min read