David and Goliath and the Disappearing Spoon

We are about a week away from the release of our one troy ounce gadolinium and ytterbium ingots. Soon to follow will be troy ounce ingots of aluminum, chromium, zinc and iron. Our owner just held a science night demonstration at his daughter's school this past week and had much of the nonradioactive portions of the periodic table filled in, inclusive of our ingots. The kids (and many of their parents) were amazed at the size disparity of several of our ingots, which are all about of equal weight. The size of our aluminum and scandium ingots are monstrous compared to osmium and iridium, much akin to David and Goliath except it was Goliath that was the much more dense relative to the future Kind of Israel in this famous tale from the First Book of Samuel.

Another science night hit was the disappearing spoon made of gallium. We've cast one troy ounce gallium ingots (in addition to spoons) but they don't laser etch well and would melt if shipped during summer months in the Northern Hemisphere (which means we'd almost certainly occasionally forget our southerly brothers and those down under with any winter only shipping policy meaning they'd receive their gallium ingots in liquid form). Of course they also melt if held too long in ones hands (or if used to stir tea). We've tried alloying it with about 5% copper which theoretically was supposed to increased the melting point to a little over 300 degrees fahrenheit, but we couldn't get it to work, so for now we're not going to offer them. Keep an eye out for ytterbium and gadolinium, both coming soon. Own what is rare!




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