Iridium and Osmium Back in Stock & Iridium Ring Update

It took longer than we'd planned, but we finally have our full troy ounce iridium and osmium ingots back in stock. Our pre-orders will go out first on Monday and we should have enough left over to fulfill any pent-up demand. This also gives us the two rarest components of the IPGE set which is also back in stock. A relative bargain compared with gold and similarly priced, iridium and osmium are each 500 to 1000 times more rare than gold by mined production. Our iridium rings (US sizes 8-12 inclusive) have finished the grinding and polishing process and look great, with the surface pitting issue much improved. They are now being etched with our mark and the specifics of your treasure which will forever adorn its inner ring. They will be ready in June. Own and soon wear what's rare!


RWMM iridium ingot -- front  RWMM osmium ingot -- front

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