Bismuth coming

We are pleased to add another rare industrial metal to our collection.  We plan to offer 99.99% pure bismuth ingots by October of this year.  Bismuth sits just above platinum and tellurium on our favorite chart detailing the relative abundance of all elements in the earths crust (we like to think of it as the relative rarity of our metals in the earth's crust -- see attached).  Bismuth is rare and has many industrial uses including in electronics, metallurgy and medicine.  It also has several applications as a nontoxic replacement for lead.  It's hopper crystal form (see picture courtesy of Wikipedia) is a beautiful, brightly colorful stair-step form crystal that is often grown in laboratories though can be tried at home given the relatively low melting point of this metal (521 degrees fahrenheit).  Please note that we will not accept a melted ingot as inclusive in our 30 day no questions asked return policy (if it's been melted and you return it, we won't ask, we'll just return it back to you!).


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