On the Cusp: Ge, Hf, & Ir

We are very pleased to announce the imminent release of germanium, hafnium, and iridium.  We've had our share of roadblocks in bringing these to market, but we think you'll find these metals were worth the wait.  They are all smooth, lightly polished and well formed with fewer imperfections than previous batches of our other metals.  Our germanium ingots raise our purity bar to 5N (99.999%).  Hafnium is another unique offering, also of the rare industrial metal class.  Iridium is one of the most special and rare metals we've ever had, both a precious platinum group metal and an irreplaceable, exceedingly rare industrial metal.  To our knowledge none of these have ever been offered to investors and collectors in this one troy ounce, etched format.  Enjoy, and please remember that soon it will likely be more important than ever to own what's rare.

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