The Other 3 PGMs, completing the 6-pack, and the late Eitan Cohen

We've recently added iridium to our family of rare precious and industrial metals and have a very limited supply given that production costs were as high as material costs. Along with our ruthenium and osmium ingots, this iridium ingot  could help complete what would be a very unique set of the six PGMs.  Platinum and palladium have been widely available in bullion form for many years including as government issued one troy ounce coins.  It wasn't until 2009 that the first rhodium coins were issued by the former Cohen Mint during a time of great investor frenzy, shortly after rhodium had topped $10,000/ounce. As an aside I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with the late Mr. Eitan Cohen back in 2009 before purchasing his rhodium coins (the workmanship is beautiful and I still hold them as prized possessions today).  He was a very kind and knowledgeable man and took all the time I needed on the phone even though I'm sure he was incredibly busy given the great buzz over his breakthrough product back then. He had said it would take a few months to make these for me and sure enough almost 3 months to the day I received them all beautifully packaged and perfect.  He was a true pioneer in our still fledgling industry, was the first to bring several rare metals to market and was an inspiration for our company. We have unsuccessfully looked into tracking down a contact from The Cohen Mint and are still interested in purchasing Mr. Cohen's equipment and processes if still available.  If anyone has any information please share it if you would be so kind.

Today the most popular rhodium ingots are issued by Baird & Co. out of London England.  While we don't plan to offer the three well established PGMs, we are very proud to be able to make "The Other 3 PGMs" (or as some classify them "The Iridium-Group Platinum-Group Elements" (IPGEs: Os, Ir, Ru)) available to investors and collectors.  Very few people in the world own a complete investment grade set of the PGMs.  If you don't own some already, go get a platinum American Eagle, a palladium Maple Leaf, and a Cohen or Baird Mint rhodium coin or ingot.  Then buy our three IPGEs to complete your PGM 6-pack and you will have something very special.  Beat the next frenzy.  Own what's rare.

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