Cooking up a Hopper Crystal

One of the cool things you can do with our bismuth ingots is heat them to their melting point of 520.7 degrees fahrenheit and watch your hopper crystal form as it cools with beautiful iridescent hues.  The really amazing crystals are lab grown as below.  But check out the YouTube video link below that shows how to do it.  Of course a melted bismuth ingot cannot be returned as part of our 30 day return policy no matter how much you think we'd enjoy seeing your crystal.  We also cannot accept responsibility if you burn down your house, melt off one of your appendages, catch your hair on fire, go blind, or blow up grandma's gas stove in the process.  If you want to attempt this please wear safety goggles, fire retardant gloves and clothes, keep a fire extinguisher nearby,  and do not let kids try this without a responsible adult present.  Better yet, don't even try it.  Buy a lab grown crystal!


We are pleased to announce our bismuth ingots are now available.

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