Antimony is coming soon.....this time for real

We were excited to make this initial announcement over the Summer, perhaps prematurely so. After a two month delay, our antimony ingots will now be available in early December.  It is the last of our first 18 ingots to be included in the very limited release of our Matched Set of 18 Metals.  Antimony is relatively rare, estimated at 0.2 to 0.5 parts per million in the earth's crust.  It sits high atop the British Geological Survey's 2012 risk list in the #3 slot given the myriad of its industrial uses and the vast majority of its worldwide annual production coming from China. Tungsten, one of our other metals is #2 on that list and our recently released bismuth ingots occupy the #4 slot. Please see the risk list link among the below. Antimony has been likened to a diamond in the rough in the second attached article posted earlier this year on kitco by our friend Bodo Albrecht. (please click the last link below to see the article he wrote about us in August if you haven't yet).  Don't forget to own what's rare my friends.  It will soon be important.

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