Found also in Coyote, Utah and the Transverse Ranges of California, and on the cusp of release in Cincinnati, Ohio....



The town of Coyote, Utah was renamed Antimony in 1921 after the antimony ore called stibnite (which is the predominant ore from which antimony is produced and where its chemical symbol Sb originated) was discovered in 1880, prompting development of the town's mining industry. Similarly, one of the prevalent steep peaks of the San Emigdio Mountains in California was named Antimony Peak by the Pacific Railroad surveyor W.P. Blake in 1854 after he found that a vein of ore on that mountain initially thought to be silver was in fact antimony.


We plan for our long awaited antimony ingots to be released next week.  We appreciate your patience and hope you are able to share a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with those special to you.

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