Our Nickel Rounds are now available

Our nickel rounds are incredibly lustrous, silvery coins with a flat edge. They bear our logo as well as a world map depicting our realm which, though large and diverse, has finite resources. Like our ingots, our rounds are labeled with their chemical symbol (Ni), purity (.995), and weight (one AVDP ounce). Unlike the ingot form of our rare metals, our rounds do not have a serial number and they also weigh a little less than their troy ounce cousins. Though nickel is considered a base metal and is not rare, it does have a market price which can fluctuate considerably based on supply and demand. Hoarding of metals of value in the future could be a source of demand. Whether you want just one to add to your collection or our Pounder Pack as an investment we hope you'll consider adding our unique family of industrial and precious metals to your physical holdings.

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