24 Karat Rhenium Rings

We have had an overwhelming response to our 24 karat iridium rings in the last year. They now adorn the proximal 4th phalanx of newlyweds and precious metals enthusiasts in 9 countries on 4 continents. We hope to continue that momentum with our rhenium rings which we plan to launch later this year along with our meteorite crosses as we continue our quest to take our rare metal bullion mainstream (not through the typical media outlets of course!). Our prototype is currently in production and has already been purchased by a long time customer of ours from Singapore. We will post pictures soon. With gold and silver and some industrial metals bouncing off a retest of their late 2016 lows in a pattern similar to last year, we are hopeful for a meaningful and this time durable rebound in these markets. Own and wear what's rare!


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