5 Grand!

We have learned that our friends at American Elements have been selling iridium rings that are now nearly identical to the design that we adopted last year and apparently abandoned their rings of the soldered wire appearance. They also seemed to like the laser inscription we've used in our rings and have begun to market theirs as certified 24 karat.  As said by the great Oscar Wilde, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and we certainly are flattered. We merely wish they would acknowledge our existence as they continue to make such claims on their website: "Why is American Elements the world's only maker of pure iridium jewelry?" Anyway, if you'd like to pay $5000 for a ring that is substantially similar though slightly less pure than our 99.95% pure iridium ring, they have them too. We are so sure you'll be just as happy with ours for well less than half that price that we honor returns for any reason (as with all of our products) for up to 30 days after receiving it for a full refund. With over 3 grand in savings you can buy another iridium ring and have enough left over to pick up several troy ounces of our other precious metals including osmium. And yes, ours too are certified and come with a full assay certificate matched to the ring's serial number. Own what's truly rare!



As seen on American Elements website today:

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Domed (Traditional D-Shaped)
  • European Design
  • Domed (Traditional D-Shaped)
Domed (Traditional D-Shaped)
High Polish Gloss
Iridium Ring, Size 8, 2 mm $5,009.87 Add to Cart

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  • Oddly enough, their prices doubled overnight around the time your rings went on sale…..

    Brett McInnes

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