Iridium X-outs

Our X-out batch of iridium is ready. This is the same batch we offered a presale option on this past Spring. Unfortunately about 2/3 of the batch came in slightly below troy ounce weight once polishing and etching were completed. We were torn as to how to label these and considered repolishing the front and re-etching as 30 gram ingots, but we risked dropping the weight below 30 grams as polishing enough to completely clear the etched surface would've removed substantial material. In the end we decided to X-out the "TROY" designation of our normal ingots and keep the serial numbers. Each of these weigh at least 30 grams but not quite a troy ounce and are at least 99.95% pure. We expect to have more of our troy ounce iridium ingots sometime next year.


RWMM iridium x-outRWMM iridium ingot

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