Our First Annual Black Friday through Cyber Monday Hot Metals Sales Event!

Beginning at 12:01 AM on November 27th and extending until Midnight on Monday November 30th we'll host the only sales event we've offered to the general public in 2015. Buy any 12 RWMM Ingots (rounds not included) in any assortment and receive 1 each of our Ultra-Fine (.9999) Silver Troy Ounce Round, Copper AVDP Ounce Round, Nickel AVDP Ounce Round, an empty 12 compartment storage case bearing our logo (ingots purchased separately), and a complimentary hardcover copy of the book "Rare". All orders over $199.00 will also ship for free if you enter the code "free shipping" at checkout. It is the perfect way to start your own collection of our high purity elemental metals. We also hope you'll read the book so you will know how special they are. Get 'em while they're hot as the fire under this sale will be extinguished the second before December commences.  Own what is rare!


RWMM black friday 12-pack special offer

"Rare" -- a favorite at RWMM

RWMM copper roundRWMM copper round - reverse

RWMM nicket roundRWMM nickel round - reverse

RWMM ultra-fine silver roundRWMM ultra-fine silver round - reverse


RWMM copper, nickel and silver rounds

RWMM registered logo


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