Got a Golden Parachute?

At the time of this writing the DOW is off about 500 for the day and 1500 YTD. Worldwide markets are experiencing big declines with China being the ringleader. US and Worldwide indebtedness have reached astronomical levels and continue to accelerate unabated. For those of us in the USA we are blessed by a strong dollar at the moment as we are the world's largest economy and we also are, at the moment anyway, holding up better than our peers while our Fed has recently started increasing interest rates for the first time in about a decade in the face of continued easing by other nations. If you read our recent blog about the history of the Zimbabwe dollar you'll realize that such things can change quickly, though hopefully never as dramatically (see below link). Our strong dollar coupled with slack industrial demand has hurt the price of silver, gold and other precious and industrial metals which are all hovering near multi-year lows in dollar terms. As world economies stall and as what many have predicted will follow with an incipient drop into another depression, it is likely that commodities will continue to fall as well, at least initially. If acquired during this time and by continuing to buy on further weakness, you may end up with a golden parachute of sorts that could save your family from financial Armageddon or at least from the soup lines. A basket of precious metals safely stored and consisting mostly of silver and gold in various sized coins and bars should make up at least part of any investment portfolio (5-10% has been suggested traditionally, but a larger percentage should be considered) as a safety measure should the worst of all financial scenarios play out. These metals are still relatively cheap and readily available for reasons described above and also as they are widely shunned as viable investments by the mainstream media for now. As with anything authentically rare, if demand spikes so does price and available supply dwindles. We have used APMEX, Provident Metals and Liberty Gold and Silver and have not been disappointed in their products or service. Start building your golden parachute today!

Please know that we do not proclaim to be financial advisors but make this suggestion in hopes that you will explore the option of physical precious metal ownership, do your own research, and meet with your financial advisor to formulate a strategy that is right for you. We neither requested nor received any compensation for our endorsement of these companies.



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