Special Offer to close out Osmium and Iridium pre-orders

The clock is ticking on our osmium and iridium pre-order offers both of which will expire at the end of this month. Until midnight on January 31st, any order containing both an Ir (x-out or pre-order) and an Os and totaling $2500 or more will get a free ruthenium ingot and will also get a free Zimbabwe bank note per our hyperinflation awareness offer which also ends at the close of January. It is the only investment grade Ir-group PGM set available on this planet and would help fill in the missing pieces of the elusive and highly collectible PGM 6-pack along with an American platinum eagle, a Palladium maple leaf and a Baird rhodium bar which are available at fine precious metals dealers included in the below links. Only a handful of people in the world own such a set. Start building yours today!








zimbabwe 100 trillion dollars



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