Ingot Pipeline Backlog

We've had several batches of metals dating back to last September that we are finally getting close to having ready. We apologize for the delay as we had expected several of them to be ready over a month ago. In the next month or two we'll have additional stock of dysprosium, germanium, tantalum, tellurium, tungsten, hafnium and lutetium. Next month we'll have our troy ounce iridium ingots restocked. Our osmium ingots are still at least two months out and may be delayed further as it took longer to secure the material than we expected. Later this month we'll roll out several new ingots including ytterbium, gadolinium, aluminum, chromium, iron, and zinc all in our one troy ounce format. We had hoped to offer beryllium and selenium with this batch but those ingots didn't work out this time around. We haven't yet decided whether to restock our one troy ounce indium ingots as the multi-ounce bar form we now offer is much cheaper to produce on a per ounce basis, but if we get enough requests, we'll restock it. Our iridium rings will be ready in late May or June. We appreciate your patience, your business, and your trust.

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