Alternative Monetary Metals

We've postulated this since we opened for business in 2013 but the idea is gaining traction. See today's link from Kitco News where metals investing beyond gold and silver is discussed. In a world awash in paper, debit, and highly leveraged derivatives that rely on constant money printing to keep the economy afloat, many think the next Lehman-esque event may spark a financial Armageddon that won't be able to be papered over this time around. So why not add physical metals to your investment portfolio? Consider it an insurance policy. You hope you never need to use it but you sleep better at night knowing you have one. With this in mind, everyone should own some physical gold and silver but how about also adding platinum, ruthenium, iridium, gallium, indium, germanium, hafnium, and even dysprosium? Gold and silver are a good hedge against inflation and over time tend to increase in value as paper money declines. We think these other metals should also be considered to help diversify a physical metals portfolio, but please note that these are just our opinions and do not constitute financial advice. Before considering any substantial investment we suggest you consult a financial advisor. Of course we also doubt many financial advisors would've been recommending these palladium or rhodium investments but those smart or lucky enough to have invested in palladium 4 years ago have seen a 400% return and if you've held it since 2009 you've seen over a 1000% return. An investment at rhodium's low in December 2015 would've also returned a ten bagger. Copper, silver, gold and the alloys bronze and electrum have been used as money since ancient times. Many such metals were born in neutron stars and supernova explosions and are sure to outlast a stack of Benjamins if/when the fire from the next financial meltdown starts to really get hot. Own what's rare (and preferably also refractory)!


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