Antimony and Zirconium are back in stock!

We've just finished new batches of our antimony and zirconium ingots. We know we are out of our very popular ruthenium and iridium ingots. We are considering releasing Ru in one troy ounce powder (aka sponge) form while we work on a more cost effective manufacturing solution for these ingots. We've got the same issue with iridium which is also very expensive to manufacture. We hope to get this resolved in 2019. Own what's rare! 


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  • Antimony has such a fascinating history! In addition to what is already on RWMM’s website, Antimony is mentioned in the Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls! The citation is the book of Isaiah 54:11: “…O afflicted city (Jerusalem), passed back & forth & not comforted, behold, I am about to set your stones in ANTIMONY & lay your foundations with sapphires…” The fact that this book (Isaiah)was written around 750 B.C.E., makes this element especially desirable to me, as I’ve come to believe that the old usually is better than the new (especially true from an old man’s perspective). This alone makes antimony ingots high on my list to purchase very soon.

    Stephen Olson

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