Cheaper International Shipping

Until now our international shipping charges have been $45 for shipments weighing up to one pound. We have required this express level of shipping not only to get our international customers their products nearly as quickly as our domestic customers do, but more importantly it is the only level of service that gives us door to door tracking that protects us and you in the rare event of a lost package. We are going to try international first class service from the United States Postal Service (USPS) for those customers who opt in by using the below discount code at checkout. Please be aware that this base level of shipping service can take up to 3 to 6 weeks depending upon where you are in our world. There also is no tracking once the package leaves US soil and while we put great trust in the USPS and have done trial international shipments with first class service without any problems, we won't be able to guarantee your receipt of our goods when using this shipping method. We thus will NOT refund or reship any products shipped this way. We'll suggest but won't require any order over $200 use our default international express shipping service. For those patient souls willing to take the small risk of nonreceipt please use the following code at checkout for $30 off (international customers only):




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