Cobalt is back in the News

We've recently restocked cobalt and have seen renewed interest in this energy metal of late, coinciding with a recent round of articles detailing the search for additional supply as the need for this critical energy metal intensifies. We suspect it will climb from the 10th spot on the next version of the British Geologic Survey Risk List. We also think our cobalt ingots are quite beautiful and they are one of only three elemental metals that are ferromagnetic in their natural state along with iron and nickel. If you also happen to know that ruthenium was recently discovered to have ferromagnetic properties when it's atoms are aligned in a specific thin crystalline lattice structure then you have really been paying attention! We applaud your inner geek and all those on the cutting edge of materials science. Consider adding one to your collection today, or better yet add the ferromagnetic trifecta as we offer all three. Unfortunately we do have the tetragonal form of ruthenium, at least not yet. Own what's rare!


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