Correcting Bull

We follow as many analysts in the precious metals space as we can. Most seem to think the recent sharp downturn in gold an silver is just a bull market correction and of course there are all sorts of theories about manipulation of these markets, at least some of which have credence given the DOJ probe into several banks' alleged manipulation of the precious metals markets earlier this year and the settlement reached in its case against Deutsche Bank. No one knows for sure how far the correction will go but a technical analysis of the silver market suggests a 61.8% fibonacci retracement would put the bottom around $16.30/ounce, about $1.62 below current spot this morning on 10/5/2016. A good buying opportunity perhaps?

Our main products are the lesser known industrial and precious metals and despite the bull market that kicked off earlier this year (or resumed as some suspect) in the established precious metals, most of our metals have yet to participate in much of an uptrend and still hover near multi-year lows. For those who have already built a suitable safe haven base in the precious metals (many analysts are now suggesting more than the traditional 10% of assets) and are interested in taking a position in alternative metals that are well below their peak prices (for example nearly 900/oz for ruthenium and  $360/oz for rhenium) we'd be happy to be your supplier as one of the world's only sources of investment grade one troy ounce ingots of such a wide variety of elemental metals. There are many great suppliers of traditional precious metals. One of our favorites is APMEX. When you are ready to explore the alternatives we'd be happy to assist you. Own what's rare!


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