Germanium, Iridium and Ruthenium are back in stock!

We have just restocked our germanium ingots, a small batch of ruthenium ingots and a miniscule batch of iridium ingots. We've also been working hard to get a batch of ruthenium rings ready before Christmas. We'll have various sizes in the range of 4.75 to 12.75 (US sizes), but not every iteration in between, at least not in this first batch.

We had also hoped to get a small batch of meteorite crosses bordered in sterling silver completed before Christmas, but these will have to await the new year. We think they are pretty special though with 3 different meteorite pieces comprising the cross structure. We call it the Heavenly Trinity Cross. As the 3 meteorites represented in each cross all struck Earth on different continents and in different time periods (some have been here since prehistoric times) we have the basis for triangulation in both space and time. We also figure that these meteorites (each estimated to be 4 to 4.5 billion years old) were cruising through the heavens near the time of its origin and therefore represent some of the only relics left over from the workshop of our Creator that haven't been reborn or at least recycled. You may already know it takes reference points from 3 satellites to pinpoint your location on earth at any given time (think GPS). Similarly, we like to think the 3 heavenly components in every Heavenly Trinity Cross, each of which scorched the earth in a different country at a different time, with the components themselves being of cosmic origin and transcending time, might just provide the ultimate beacon to the heavens above. We aren't sure that prayers said while wearing this cross will make it to our Creator any more quickly as that transmission medium is apparently already faster than the speed of light or maybe it just seems so as our God is everywhere at once, but we do hope that both the transmitted signal and the coordinates of His disciple will be received by Him a little more clearly. Coming soon!


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