Iridium and Ruthenium pre-order opportunity

We are out of our full troy ounce ingots of iridium and ruthenium and have been for a while. These ingots have been very popular but both the raw material and the manufacturing process have become much more expensive since our last batches. We have had lots of inquiries as to their future availability so we'd like to get another batch of each going. To help us facilitate this and to assure we have enough to satisfy current demand we will accept pre-orders through 9/15/2019 for iridium and 9/22/2019 for ruthenium. These are among the rarest metals on earth and each have important industrial applications and potential supply chain issues as the vast majority of these platinum group metals are mined in South Africa. Own what's rare!


RWMM iridium ingot

RWMM ruthenium ingot


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