Magnesium, Niobium, Tellurium, and Vanadium are back in stock!

We just restocked our one troy ounce, high purity, elemental ingots of magnesium, niobium, tellurium, and vanadium. We are also very close to releasing two new products in the same format, namely samarium and silicon. Soon we will be adding another new product in osmiridium crystals. Our next batch of ruthenium ingots will be ready by the end of this month and we also plan to add ruthenium sponge to be able to offer this intriguing PGM much closer to spot price. As debts continue to mount, bubbles continue to expand, and our world seemingly devolves further into chaos every day, owning things that are tradable and with inherent value once appropriate shelter, provisions, and means of protection are secured makes a tremendous amount of sense. So stay safe out there and don't forget to own what's rare!


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