New products & new website coming soon

Summer has come and gone more quickly than ever it seems and Fall is about to get into full swing with Mother Nature's brilliant harvest season colors and crisp morning's just around the corner for most of us in the northern hemisphere. We've been busy of late at Rare World Metals Mint. We've spent most of the Summer building a bigger and better website which also has new and more detailed pictures of our products as well as striking photography from across our industry that we hope will be at least somewhat inspirational. We also have several batches in process, including new products for us in magnesium and titanium both in our standard one troy ounce ingot formats. We'll soon be restocked with our cobalt, rhenium and yttrium ingots. We've been working on one kilogram tellurium bars for a while but they are nearing completion as well. We hope to have all of these and our new website up and running before Old Man Winter rears his ugly head. In the meantime, enjoy this glorious season!

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