On the Cusp: Iridium, Rhenium and Ruthenium

We are very close to releasing our next batches of iridium, rhenium and ruthenium. Many of you who've been with us for a while will notice improvements in the latter two which were made with a little more coin like dimensions. With this batch rhenium will be very close to true density as our iridium ingots have always been. We hope to make this same improvement to our ruthenium ingots in the future. They are all now highly polished and really beautiful. We think so at least and hope you'll agree. In fact, we are so proud of them we're having them all reshot by our graphic designer before they're released. We had planned for our next batch of osmium to be released at the same time but unfortunately there have been unanticipated delays with this osmium batch and we now expect it to be ready by mid July. Our next batches of chromium, dysprosium, holmium, and lutetium will also be ready in the next month or two. By late Summer or early Fall we hope to have our next batches of thulium, erbium, titanium, magnesium and tantalum ready as stock of these are dwindling if not already out. We'll also be adding lead, silicon, and selenium later this year. 

We know things have been about as crazy these past couple months as many of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes. The generation that won WWII and saved the world from the evil empires of that time may have at least one up on the rest of us as far as living through and overcoming trying times but we're ok with that as only one generation can truly be the greatest. And they really are!

We at Rare World Metals Mint hope that you, your family, and your friends are well and that we can all get through this together. We hope and pray that life returns to normal soon, perhaps with all of us stronger, more unified, and as great as we can be. 


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