Osmium and Holmium are back in stock!

We are restocked with holmium and osmium. We'll soon also have two new products in magnesium and titanium ready, each in our familiar one troy ounce ingot format. If you have the chance to own both magnesium and osmium, the density difference is tremendous and the magnesium ingot looks absolutely humongous when osmium weighing essentially the same is placed nearby. Vanadium was another new product we'd hoped to have ready by now but will be available later this year. Our erbium, scandium, tellurium and thulium ingots will be back in stock before this summer's solstice. Don't forget we've recently added 1 kg tellurium bars which pack a lot of bang for the buck. Pick one up today and as we like to suggest -- Own what's rare!


RWMM osmium ingot   RWMM registered logo

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