Osmium is back in stock!

We are pleased to announce that our next batch of osmium is ready. It features an improved polishing process and clean edges. Osmium is the rarest and most dense stable elemental metal in the universe and our one ounce ingots can still be had for well less than an ounce of gold. Gold is certainly rare and precious as well but its annual worldwide mined production is about 1000 times that of osmium. Own what's rare, in this case incredibly rare!


RWMM's osmium ingot



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  • I’m interested in having a collection of rare metals that I can share and handle with my grandchildren. And to be able to put it in and take it out easily of a display case. Like I can with my gold and platinum. Is any of these rare Metals available for purchase ? And can it be in the form of bouillon ?? Because it’s really interesting to compare the density of platinum with gold… and then to know it’s the remnants of a star that supernova is absolutely fascinating that the metal willl that will last forever…

    Eugene R Enos

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