Our 24 Karat iridium rings are ready!

We are very pleased to announce, almost a year since we decided to pursue this: our first batch of iridium rings is ready!

We have at least 2 each in US sizes 8 through 12 (inclusive) at half size intervals. Iridium, in its pure elemental form, is among the most durable of all metals meaning your treasure should hold up well throughout your life and retain its original luster and finish and may even end up being a treasured family heirloom, one that rekindles memories of its original owner.

The particulars of iridium's superior physical characteristics and it's unique distribution in the earths crust which scientists claim points to an origin in the heavens are discussed in more detail in previous blog posts and on the product page linked below. If you are a bold journeyman of roads less traveled, this may be your perfect accompaniment, especially if you meet that certain special someone along the way and need something unique and enduring for the ceremony.




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