Summer Solstice, Strawberry Moon and Olympic Dreams

Happy Father's day to all you superheroes out there with kids young and old. After the close of our day today, we've got another special one lined up tomorrow. The official start of summer kicks off with its annual solstice which occurs at 6:34 EST tomorrow evening. Annual holidays and changing seasons are cool enough, but throw in the coincidental Strawberry Moon tomorrow night which is June's full moon so named by the Algonquin Indians, and you've got a once in a lifetime coupling of events, making this year's kickoff to Summer extra special. Of course our summer solstice corresponds with the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and despite the 180 degree phase shift we still call the Olympic Games to be held in Brazil in August the Summer Olympics even though it will be in the middle of winter there. Unfortunately there is some question as to whether Brazil will be able to pull this off given reports of the country's dire financial situation and growing Zika epidemic fears. Cancelling the Olympics would surely be a tragedy for our athletes who have spent most of their lives preparing for their One Moment in Time. We can't help you reach the podium (only God's gift and a life lived with great dedication can help you achieve that) but we can make sure you "medal" this summer, and all of our metals are of the solid, high purity variety with most being 24 carats. Whether you need help filling in your physical periodic table, desire an iridium ring to embody your pure and eternal vows, or you just have an itch to own the rarest stable metal in the universe, you've come to the right place. We hope your summer ends up being as special as it's start and whether an elite athlete or not, we really hope you metal


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