The Periodic Table (a Spanish Version) & The Disappearing Spoon

We'd like to give a shout out to a fine scholar and Spaniard, Francisco Ruiz, as well as his colleagues and students on their version of the periodic table. The periodic table and the elements that make up the universe are the same everywhere (including in Spain of course as is the rain for that matter) but they have a certain flair and enthusiasm for promoting scientific appreciation and discovery in their students that we'd like to share. Future depictions may even include some of our elemental metal ingots as we'd be honored to contribute to their cause, which is expanding the minds of their students. We've done periodic table displays with demonstrations on physical properties of different elements at our local school for the past several years. The disappearing gallium spoon trick is always a crowd-pleaser and my daughter gets a real kick out of performing it for her classmates. Check out the below links and be amazed. Well done Francisco!


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