Treasure Hunt!

Let's go on a treasure hunt! Unlike Forrest Fenn, we are not poetically gifted and we don't plan to send anyone out into the Rockies in search of hidden treasure. You'll be able to complete this one from the comfort of home. Beginning on 9/1/2020 if you place an order with us we'll send you a RWMM Treasure Hunt scratch-off card. We only have 1000 cards and they have been well shuffled and will dispersed in random order. Each and every card is a winner of one of ten different RWMM products ranging from our copper or nickel rounds up to our rhenium or ruthenium ingots. To claim your prize just enter the code from your scratch-off card at check-out and place the order (no additional purchase will be required). We will only send one of these treasure hunt cards per month to any one address. So if we've not run out of these cards you could qualify for a second treasure hunt card with another order in October and potentially again in November and December of this year. Based on our current prices, the total value of all the elemental metal prizes in this treasure hunt is $12,323.77. If we happen to run out of a prize metal then the winner of that metal will have the option of another in-stock metal or group of metals of equal value or a cash payment in the amount of our current price of that metal. We wish you the best of luck in RWMM's Treasure Hunt. Have fun with it and own what's rare!


RWMM's treasure hunt scratch-off card



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