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In early August PayPal introduced us to Webinterpret, an affiliate of theirs. They offered to translate our website in up to 60 different languages and gave our international customers the option to pay in their local currency. The best part we thought was that they would take over our international shipping and promised to offer cheaper though still fully tracked international shipping to our customers. As an added bonus, they had data suggesting this conversion would help us grow our international business by 26% and would give us a ratings boost on international search engines. After some research and a conference call we decided to try them out. We've been using them for about a month now. Unfortunately we've seen our international sales plummet by over 50% and we've had one complaint about higher shipping and duty costs than the same customer had paid with previous orders through us. We are looking into this complaint. We'd really appreciate honest feedback from any of our customers who have the time to drop us an email. 

Webinterpret has assured us that our customers still have all of our standard shipping options available to them. Over a year ago we began offering economy shipping to our international customers via a discount code that takes $30 off our standard expedited international shipping price of $45 if they were willing to accept longer shipping times and no tracking, meaning we wouldn't be able to accept responsibility for missing packages as we do for the fully tracked shipments available with our full price shipping. We still offer this service if the discount code below is entered at checkout. Many of our customers have enjoyed this cheaper shipping option and we've had no complaints regarding the longer shipping times or lost packages.

We plan to give Webinterpret another month while we collect more data. We would greatly appreciate any feedback as it will help us make this decision easier. Having the world's rarest metals is only fun if we have happy customers to share them with.


Please email any feedback to:  customerservice@rwmmint.com

International economy shipping discount code:  intlshipping$30off 


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