*The Periodic Table (1st ed, paperback)

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The Periodic Table - A Visual Guide to the Elements


Written by Dr. Paul Parsons and Gail Dixon, The Periodic Table is a must have reference for element collectors, full-fledged or budding scientists, and anyone interested in our metals. Like The Elements book we also offer, The Periodic Table has beautiful pictures, interesting facts and scientific details of all of the known elements in our universe.


Editorial Review as seen on Amazon.com:



"Each element gets a minimum two-page spread, consisting of one page of narrative detailing important facts about the element facing a large, full-color photograph of the element itself. The useful, simple nature of the material and the price point make this a must-have for all science shelves."―Rebecca Vnuk, Booklist

"This handy scientific reference canvasses the "building blocks" of all matter in a convenient, richly illustrated layout. It is packed with all the pertinent information necessary to gain a solid understanding of the chemical world . . One by one, the elements are each presented within a format that alternates from a page of lucid description to a captioned visual representation for each that pops in lively colors from a white background . . . This is an outstanding resource for high school and college chemistry students and anyone with a scientific curiosity."―Brian Odom, Library Journal

About the Author

Dr. Paul Parsons is a regular contributor to Nature, New Scientist and the Daily Telegraph. He frequently appears on BBC radio and his television credits include Richard & Judy and BBC Breakfast. He was formerly editor of award-winning BBC science and technology magazine Focus. His latest book, The Science of Doctor Who (Icon Books), was long listed for the Royal Society Prize for Science Books.




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