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Lutetium (Lu)

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Lutetium metal ingot - one troy ounce - .995 bullion


Though independently found by three scientists in 1907 as an impurity in ytterbia, its discovery was eventually credited to the French scientist Georges Urbain who named it lutecium, derived from the Latin translation of his home country’s capital of Paris. In 1949 the spelling was changed to lutetium. Lutetium is one of the rarest of the rare-earth metals with only about 10 tonnes of its oxide being produced worldwide each year with a much smaller amount of the pure metal ever distilled. Due to its expense and rarity there are few commercial uses of lutetium to date, but it is used to some extent in the petroleum, chemical, electronic and medical industries. Monazite is the primary ore from which lutetium is obtained, yet this mineral only contains about 0.0001% lutetium. It is very expensive to produce, yet when compared with the cost of gold of which about 2500 tonnes are mined each year, it is much less expensive. We have a very limited supply of lutetium ingots available. Consider owning what is truly rare.

Inscribed on our ingots are the chemical symbol (Lu), purity (99.5%), weight (one troy ounce), and a serial number (this number is unique and will vary). On the reverse is our logo.  These ingots are lightly polished, similar to the one pictured.  There can be tiny edge dings and other tiny imperfections which do not detract from the inherent value of this rare metal. Like the other rare earth metals we have chosen to offer, lutetium is relatively corrosion resistant.  We have added a protective coating but these ingots can still oxidize as evident by the darker cast compared with our other metals. As long as they are kept in cool dry air and not exposed to moisture they should not oxidize or corrode substantially. As always, weight and purity are guaranteed by Rare World Metals Mint.  Lutetium in the solid form we supply is considered safe. Its powdered oxide form can be toxic if ingested or inhaled. As we suggest with all of our metals please keep them intact in a safe place, do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. Also recommended for all of our rare earth elements, please store them in a cool, dry place.

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