Meteorite "Heavenly Trinity" Cross in Sterling Silver

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Meteorite cross in sterling silver


The main elemental components of octahedrite meteorites are by no means rare with the vast majority being iron and nickel (with trace amounts of other elements including gallium, germanium and iridium). It is the crystalline pattern of these meteorites (called the Widmanstätten pattern) that makes them not only rare, but also beautiful and unmistakably of cosmic origin. You see, the alternating elongated lamellar bands of iron-nickel crystals running in groups at 60 degree angles forming an octahedron crystalline lattice occurred as molten asteroid bodies cooled while they hurled through the zero gravity vacuum of space at roughly -454.75 degrees Fahrenheit, conditions which are difficult to simulate. This pattern is therefore unique to these meteorites and cannot be replicated on earth. Each meteorite has unique crystal sizes and is categorized based on the width of its lamellae. Thus, every meteorite is unique within this class of meteorites with pattern variations which are very discernable to the naked eye making each one uniquely beautiful.

We have previously offered meteorite crosses in other precious metals that have also been unique and beautiful. We think that these are also pretty special though with 3 different meteorite pieces comprising the cross structure. We call it the "Heavenly Trinity Cross". As the 3 meteorites represented in each cross all struck Earth on different continents and in different time periods (some have been here since prehistoric times) we thus have the basis for triangulation in both space and time. We also figure that these meteorites (each estimated to be 4 to 4.5 billion years old) were cruising through the heavens near the time of its origin and therefore represent some of the only relics left over from the workshop of our Creator that haven't been reborn or at least recycled. You may already know it takes reference points from 3 satellites to pinpoint your location on earth at any given time (think GPS). Similarly, we like to think the 3 cosmic components in every Heavenly Trinity Cross, each of which scorched the earth in a different continent and at a different time in our Earth's history might just provide the ultimate beacon to the heavens above. We aren't sure that prayers said while wearing this cross will make it to our Creator or to those that passed before us any more quickly. We do hope however, that both the transmission and coordinates of the prayer warrior so adorned will be received a little more clearly. 

These meteorite crosses are cast in a border of sterling silver including the bail for use with a necklace. They each have 3 pieces from different meteorites including possible combinations from the Gibeon, Muonionalusta, Seymchan, and Uruacu meteorites which were found in Namibia, Scandinavia, Russia, and Brazil respectively. Each cross is between about 1 2/8" and 1 3/8" tall. The bottom edge of the border is etched with RWMM XXXX, reflecting our brand and the serial number which is unique for each cross in this very limited release series. An 18 karat gold adorned Muonionalusta meteorite cross was our first release, a 22 karat palladium adorned Seymchan meteorite cross was our second and we still plan for a platinum adorned cross or two from the Uruacu meteorite in this precious meteorite crosses of the world series.

If you are interested in an exceptionally rare and unique piece of jewelry with a three part cosmic origin that dates back to near the beginning of time, then this might just be your perfect symbolic beacon to the heavens above.

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