Tin (Sn)

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Tin metal ingot - one troy ounce - .9999 bullion


Derived from the Latin name stannum, tin has been known since the Bronze Age for its hardening effect on copper. It is thought that pure metallic tin was smelted from the ore cassiterite as early as 600 BC. Tin is a malleable, ductile, corrosion resistant, low melting point, crystalline, silvery white metal with superconducting properties. Tin is the dominant alloy component in pewter which has been used to make flatware since the Bronze Age. Tin can also be highly polished and used as a corrosion resistant coating for other metals. Its early use in cans has long since been replaced by much cheaper steel. Tin has a myriad of industrial uses including in alloys, solders, window-making, batteries, chemical processes, and superconducting magnets. Tin is rare in the earths crust with an estimated prevalence of 2 parts per million. Southeast Asia and South America account for the majority of the world's mineable supply which has been estimated will be depleted in 20 to 40 years.

Inscribed on our ingots are the chemical symbol (Sn), purity (99.99%), weight (one troy ounce), and a serial number (this number is unique and will vary). On the reverse is our logo. These ingots are lightly polished, similar to the one pictured. There can be tiny edge dings, light surface scratches, and other small imperfections. As always, weight and purity are guaranteed by Rare World Metals Mint. As we suggest with all of our metals please keep them intact in a safe place, do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

Each ingot will be shipped with an assay certificate and with our velvet logo bag for storage. If you are not completely satisfied with any purchase from us, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund (buyer to pay return shipping). Domestic shipping is free for all orders over $199 (enter code free shipping at checkout). For orders of $199 or under, domestic shipping is $9.95. International shipping is now via USPS international priority express and costs $45 for shipments up to a pound (9 one ounce ingots or less including packaging materials) and $10 for each additional pound.







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