24 Karat Rhenium Rings May 10 2017

We just completed our 2nd prototype rhenium ring and this is the style we are going to go with. It is 4 mm wide, 2 mm thick and has D shaped cross section with rounded inner edges for comfort. Similar to our iridium rings though in a smaller font size, they have an inner surface laser etched inscription of "RWMM  Re .9999  XXXX" reflecting our brand, a rhenium ring of 99.99% purity, and a 4 digit serial number which for this first ring is 0001. This ring is a US size 11.5 and has already been purchased by a great customer of ours from Singapore. For now we'll take custom orders and will need between 3 and 4 months to complete a ring. If there is enough interest as there has been for our iridium rings, we'll go with a large batch to stock our standard sizes 8 through 12 at half size intervals. Take this opportunity to wear what's rare!


RWMM rhenium ring with velvet bag RWMM rhenium ring with ring box RWMM rhenium ring in ring box 

RWMM rhenium ring with box 2 RWMM rhenium ring in box 2 RWMM rhenium ring with box 3

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