New Year Update

We wanted our loyal customers from around the globe to know that we've been working through supply shortages and manufacturing delays that plagued us last year though look to be improving so far this year. We have many of the metals we've been out of for so long in our production pipeline with most expected to be restocked in the next several months. Starting in early February we'll finally have our next batch of osmium ready and hope another batch of rhenium will be ready at the same time. In later February or early March we plan to have more erbium, tantalum, and thulium and will be adding two new products to our line of elemental metal one ounce ingots in lead and silicon. Unfortunately our second go-around with selenium ingots failed but we may try to bring this metal to market again in the future. We'll have more ruthenium ingots ready by late Spring. By late June or early July we should have more hafnium ingots. We've had a major supply issue with iridium and an order we placed last Spring for this metal is still unfilled. We hope this will resolve soon and would be very pleased to be able to offer more iridium ingots sometime this year. Since our next osmium batch is so close to being ready we'll start a pre-sale on it right away with expectation to ship the second week of February for those who don't mind waiting a bit for their order and who might be cheered up with a precious metals package arriving on Valentine's Day. What more could you ask for? We are still going strong with our Treasure Hunt cards. No one has won the rhenium or ruthenium ingots yet. Check out the link below for Treasure Hunt details. Best wishes for a better 2021, stay safe, and don't forget to own what's rare!


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